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Rem-Coil technology implies the use of materials specially designed for automated coil production line. Last generation magnet wire and insulating tapes enable considerable enhancement of electrical and mechanical characteristics of coil insulation system. Up-to-date materials are environmentally friendly and safe for repair shop workers.


Rectangular magnet wires
We use the newest types of magnet wire produced by Russian and foreign manufacturers.
Wires with reinforced turn insulation demonstrate high mechanical and electrical strength and do not require any additional turn insulation. To form a precise column, we use wires with an adhesive layer which melts and bonds turns together, when the column is subjected to hot pressing.

High-voltage coils
To manufacture coils for high-voltage electrical machines, magnet wires with reinforced mica turn insulation are used.
New designs of the largest Russian cable factories enable manufacturing coils meeting the advanced electrical and mechanical requirements to the insulation system.
The following types of wire are used for insulation class F and H:


  • PMS;
  • PMS-M; (with a special adhesive layer for turns consolidation).

For some kinds of electrical machines wires with other types of insulation (such as enamel glass fiber insulation or polyimide-teflon tapes) can be used.

Low-voltage coils
To manufacture coils for low-voltage electrical machines, copper wires with the following insulation are used (depending on the insulation class):

    • with glass-fiber insulation
«F» «H» «С»


and others.

    • with enamel insulation
«B» «F» «H»


and others.

    • with film insulation

for insulation class «C» — PPIPT.

For the main insulation we use tapes designed by leading companies specially for automated winding.

Main insulation tapes:

  1. Elmicatherm mica tape Tape is intended for insulation of electric motors with insulation class F (155 °С).
    Composition: mica paper, glass cloth and polyethyleneterephthalate film bonded together and impregnated with electroinsulating varnish or compound.
  2. LSEP mica tape , Tape is used as turn and as main insulation for drive motors, for large high-voltage electrical machines with insulation class F (155 °С).
    Composition: mica, glass coth, polyethyleneterephthalat, epoxy polyester binder.
  3. LSp-F mica tape , Tape is used for turn and main insulation of electrical machines with voltage of up to 11 kV. Insulation class — F (155°С). The tape is a substitute for tapes of insulation classes B and F and glass-fiber mica tapes LSK-110TPl; LS-EK-5-TPl; LSEP-934TPl; LSU; LSM.
    Composition: mica paper covered from one or both sides with substrate (polyethyleneterephthalate film and glass cloth) and impregnated with compound.
  4. LSp-Н mica tape, is used for main and turn insulation of electrical machines with voltage of up to 11 kV. Insulation class of the tape Н (180°С). The tape is a substitute for the H class polyimide film of types LSKO-PM; LSPM, LSKO-PM, and mica tape LFK-ТТ.
    Composition: mica paper covered with substrate (Teonex polyethyleneterephthalate film manufactured by «DuPont Teijin Films» company and glass cloth) from one or both sides and impregnated with compound.

Protecting tapes

    Protecting tapes are intended to protect main insulation from mechanical damages.

  1. Fiber tapes of LES type.
  2. Insulation tape of LES-F/Н type. The tape is used as a protective coating for coils of electrical machines and mechanisms with permitted continuous operating temperature of up to 155°С and 180°С for insulation classes F and H, respectively.
    Composition: polyethyleneterephthalate film (for F class) or polyethylenenaphthalate film (for H class) bonded together with glass fiber.
  3. Anticorona tapes of PPL-F, LPP types and others

Auxiliary materials:

    1. Prepreg Votafix (to bond turns and to provide for uniform column of turns).
    2. LSKL adhesive varnished glass cloth

cloth is used as flexible insulation material for electrical machinery and mechanisms with insulation class F (155 °С).
Composition: glass fiber, silicone binder.

  1. LSKL varnished glass cloth cloth is used as an adhesive insulation tape for continuous operation in electrical machines at the temperature of 155/180 °С depending on the impregnation compound, heat-resistance class F/H (155/180 °C)
    Composition: electric insulating glass fibers impregnated with varnish.
  2. LTE heat-shrinking electrical insulating tape is used to tighten insulation of electric motors coils with heat-resistance class B and F В and F (130-155 °С), and it can shrink up to 15 %.
  3. Protective enamels (to protect coil ends from dust, dirt, oil, etc.) of the following types: Epimal , Enamel GF.
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