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Rem-Coil technology

section At present REM&COIL specialists have developed a unique technology to manufacture high-quality coils for foreign and Russian electrical machines. The technology implies the use of the latest materials, their special combinations, Flat-Coil line machines with improved main units as well as mastered technological process.

REM&COIL company is the first one in Russia and CIS states (and the one of those few worldwide) to use the «Flat-coil» equipment for technology intended for manufacturing coils both with dry and B-stage tapes. Usually, manufacturers apply one of the two insulation manufacturing technologies used worldwide (either hot pressing — Resin Rich, or VPI-Vacuum Pressure Impegnation) in the course of starter coils manufacture.

Rem-Coil technology enables commercial manufacturing high-quality coils by means of the automated equipment which can be used both by factories manufacturing electric motors and applying the «Monolyth» system with dry tapes and repair shops applying Resin Rich insulation system with B-stage tapes.


Manufacturing methods for coils:
Automated coil production line is intended for manufacturing coils both with thermosetting insulation (hot pressing) and with dry tapes (Vacuum pressure impregnation).

Materials applied:
Rem-Coil technology implies the use of materials specially designed for automated coil production line. The use of last generation wires and insulation has proved that high-grade new materials are abundantly compensated by easy and fast application, which results in growing efficiency of the entire line. The materials enable adapting the manufacturing process to streamlined production as well as enhancing electrical and mechanical characteristics of coil insulation system. It is of high importance that the up-to-date materials are more environmentally friendly and safe for people’s health. More detailed information on the materials used for coils manufacturing is given in Section Materials.

Coils manufacturing stages:
The first stage – winding of the blank track — is performed automatically by the winding machine. The machine is equipped with constant tension system which provides tight winding of the wire and the uniform coil column already after the first stage. The machine can wind up to 8 wires in parallel and has tension and speed control system.


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The second stage — — taping track-coil with main insulation — is performed automatically on the insulating machine. Tape constant-tension mechanism and insulating head inclination control mechanism maintain the selected speed, tension and overlap of insulation.

    Operator’s work is includes the following:

  • selection of the appropriate taping program (depending on the insulation system type: continuous/combined) and initial data input, that is input of coil geometry and presetting the insulation tapes parameters;
  • setting insulation process operating parameters such as: number of layers/passes of the taping head, tapes overlapping for each layer; cones setting is performed (that is, juncture of straight coil part insulation and coil end-part insulation).

In operating mode, operator monitors the correct performance of the taping machine and adjusts settings, if required (taping speed for each tape type, detailed settings for insulation cones, etc.).


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The third stage – — preforming — is performed automatically by means of the preforming machine. This stage consists in pre-stretching track shape coil into the trapezoid shape and setting the precise coil-end head radius.


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The fourth stage — coil forming into the shape of «boat» — is performed automatically by means of the forming machine. Trapezoidal shape is stretched into a coil with compliance of all preset coil geometry. When the first test coil of the set is stretched, operator can make some adjustments in the program, which enables on-the-fly adjustment of coil parameters, such as angular dimensions, length of the coil end part and the entire coil, head incline and others. After forming coils become identical to each other.


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The fifth stage — — hot pressing (for the coils with B-stage tapes) — is performed automatically by means of hot-presses which provide uniform heating of the coil over the entire straight part and precise geometry.

Electrical tests of each coil are performed at the Baker D12/PP30 test complex. The more detailed information on tests is given in section Tests.


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