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The Best Russian REM&COIL

The Best Russian company repairing generators and motors REM&COIL offers for your attention stator coil winding produced on a unique automated Japanese line by the COIL FLAT technology, which has no analogs in Russia and C.I.S. countries, but which is used by such companies as АВВ, SIEMENS, TOSHIBA, HITACHI and many other electrotechnical corporations of the world.

Computerized setting of parameters, automatic control of compliance with them, personnel consisting of highly qualified experienced specialists, as well as the use of modern materials presented on the Russian and European markets, assure for a REM&COIL section a number of important characteristics: precise angular dimensions, monolithic nature of insulation and its enhanced thermal and moisture strength, high resistance to electropunctures.

The equipment allows manufacture of coils both with thermosetting insulation (Resin reach) and with the use of dry bands (VPI).

Time consumption for the manufacture of one coil, depending on its size, is 6 to 60 minutes, without taking account of the time for pressurization and baking. Thus, the time of manufacture of a standard set of coilcoil, provided there is wire in stock, is just 3 days.

Product quality check is carried out on a modern testing facility of the firm Baker (U.S.). It allows checking the active resistance and electric strength of an insulation system, the absorption ratio and polarization index in accordance with the international testing standards within several minutes.

Investment in new equipment and constant improvement of the manufacturing technology allow us to deliver quality products, of European quality at Russian prices to production enterprises.

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Advantages of REM&COIL stator coils

Reliable insulation system

It is achieved due to:
— firm and even adherence of wire turns
to each other
— monolithic main insulation, laid on with an
even overlap
— specially selected materials of
high quality

Exact geometry

It is achieved due to:
– simultaneous stretching of every coil on robotic machines, with all dimensions indicated in drawings and calculations held
– precise hot pressing of coils with allowance of ±0.1 mm

Guaranteed quality

It is achieved due to:
– high electric strength of turn and main insulation
– functional process inspection
– nondestructive tests at high-precision equipment
– coils compliance with requirements of
Russian and international standards

Short production period

It is achieved due to:
– automated high-production line
– materials at the stock
– 24/7 operation


— Factory REM&COIL conducts training and advanced training courses for repairshop workers
— For educational institutions we organize seminars and presentations at our factory.

Partnership programs
— An enterprise may become our partner, customer, Representative or Service-Centre. Everything depends on your intents and opportunities.

Mobility of contacts with us
— Execution of application via Internet and possibility of on-line order tracking: www.remcoil.ru

— You will get new sets of coils on time, before the beginning of repair;
— You will quickly replace winding due to coils identity in the set and simplicity of working with them;
— You will trust in reliability of the winding, because coils are subjected to Hi Pot tests;
— You will be sure in safe operation of electrical machines in the periods between scheduled repairs;
— You will get brand-new coils without freezing enterprise financial resources for a long period.

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