WE PROVIDE A Wide Range of Products to Meet Your Special Requirements

Rem&Coil manufactures all types of coil sections for stator windings for motors and AC generators, stator coil sections for traction electric machines, wave coils and armature winding sections, as well as stator sections for voltage up to 18 kV, stator bars for electric motors and AC/DC generators.

We also offer a repair kit for quick and easy laying of sections. It can include: grommets and spacers, insulation and protection materials, thermal sensors, wire for circuit assembly, lead ends, solder, and bonding cords.

Insulation Systems

We will develop an insulation system to suit your conditions.

Low-Voltage System
up to 1 kV

Up to 10 kV

Resin Rich
Up to 18 kV

Resin Rich System (including coils up to 18 kV)
Compatible with pre-pressed coils

The Resin Rich insulation system is compatible with motors and generators up to 18 kV. It is designed to resist severe environmental conditions due to its outstanding mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.

VPI (up to 10 kV)
Compatible with coils insulated with un-impregnated tapes

The Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) system has excellent mechanic and dielectric properties.

Insulation System for Low-Voltage Sections (up to 1 kV)

This system is designed for motors and generators with operational voltage up to 1 kV. It is applied in case no insulation tape is used to ensure the insulation strength of a section.